The Valparaiso Family YMCA is in a unique position to offer quality health enhancement programs to the area’s work force.  Any company that chooses the Valparaiso Family YMCA for its employee health enhancement programs will benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of national YMCA health and fitness authorities.  The Valparaiso Family YMCA Corporate Membership Program provides an affordable way for an employee to live a healthy lifestyle.  Employees and their families can participate in exercise fitness profiles and personal interests.  The Valparaiso Family YMCA Corporate Membership Program affords corporations an opportunity to encourage healthy life-styles and provides a framework for company morale.”

For information please contact: Jodi Jackson, Specialty Membership Coordinator, at 462-4185 x233 or

The following companies have corporate memberships with us. If you do not see your company listed in the Corporate Companies List, please contact Jodi Jackson to see how your company can get involved.